Collaborations 14 and 15 and a Some Crows

collaboration 14

So my friend Brent Wear and I have been working away on new pieces, and I am excited that some are finally finished. These most recent pieces have taken a bit of a turn of the surreal, but that is just our personalities bleeding into our work. As you may have guessed, we both have odd senses of humour. Someday I will have to post some of our really bad sketches that we draw to make each other laugh. We are both pretty pleased with how these last two works have come out. So pleased in fact that the Swallow with a House on its Back has become our business card. That’s right, we have business cards now. How official of us. But this is good news, because that means we will continue to produce more work. We are both a bit slow in the heat of summer, our pieces becoming more elaborate and personal projects, but there will be more. I have started a couple of pieces to hand off to Brent tomorrow, so stay tuned.

collaboration 15

and of course, I have been drawing crows upon crows.

crow no. 10

You can find originals in my Etsy shop. You can order prints here.

and if you aren’t already, you should follow Brent on instagram, because his photos are really lovely!


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