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portland’s creative capacity

to my beloved community, i had the privilege of attending the city of portland’s creative capacity meeting on tuesday evening. (for more official information on creative capacity, see below) it was an evening of a segment of the artistic community coming together to begin a series of dialogs about how to help portland’s artistic community […]

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attempting to design a classic

just to give you an idea about creating a design from scratch, i have been working on this dress since january. it is a very simple dress, but the most simple designs are sometimes the hardest. they are like the slow movement of a piece of music; there is nothing to hide behind. no flashy […]

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black swan act II

he last two days have been spent coating a cheap tank top in “feathers” made out of tulle, organza with sparkly bits, and silk scraps. deconstructionist fashion at its best. triangle scraps of fabric with their ends free make the body of the swan, with the rest sewn down for texture. tomorrow we fit on […]

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black swan

every now and again i will take on a crazy custom project that is so whacky, i just can’t turn it down. this month it is a version of the swan dress bjork wore to the oscars that the whole world had to make fun of, but in black. it is for a client of […]

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what am i waiting for?

muddling through the same old crap. i have to work things out in my head first, but then, what of the things that can’t entirely be worked out in my mind without doing? this weeks exampled is this simple wrap skirt. it is a summer staple; nice and breezy. the challenge here was the waist […]

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at war with the dandylions

on my way in to the studio today i noticed that the dandylions are out in full bloom. their bright yellow heads peering from lawns, cracks in the pavement, gutters and everyone’s unweeded gardens. it seems to me that most people hate dandylions and the colour yellow. i have gotten strong reactions to yellow, with […]

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