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crying otter in a glittering gold crown

Same Old Same Old

These are interesting times. I don’t really like to discuss my personal life online AT ALL. Here will be no exception. Need to know basis. I’m secretive to a fault. Except for some things. I’ve been sharing my creative process with you for years. No trade secrets jealously guarded, because why bother? The internet allows […]

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coat front detail

Cashmere Winter Coat

I had no intention to make myself a new winter coat, but sometimes serendipity happens in the form of finding gorgeous cashmere fabric at a sale for $6. per yard. This fabric treasure was unearthed from a pile of junky fabrics on an unmarked bolt at a clearance sale. I recognised it, because I made […]

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What I did Last Summer

This summer was a bit unusual for me, as most summers are spent with desperate wedding deadlines. I have been in the process of retiring from weddings for the last several years trying to stop. This summer I didn’t take any custom dresses or major alteration/restyling/restoration projects save for a couple of accessory orders. I […]

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As Long As I Am Sewing

It has been forever since I have written, but don’t think I haven’t thought about it. It gets harder and harder as the last post glides slowly into the past, and the guilt becomes more overwhelming. I make promises to myself that I will start, and post regularly, and plan ahead, and take photos.. I […]

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