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Holidays in Review

I am not the most fond of the holidays; I have spent too many years in one form of retail or another, and the holidays boil down to two things for me: 1. I have to make a ton of stuff. 2. I have to sell the stuff. A long time ago when I was […]

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SATURDAY 7 AUGUST IS MY LAST DAY AT 323 NW 6th we will be open from 12-6 yes, in all caps. come by, take away some sample pieces at amazing prices. and if you come to view this post afterwards, here’s what is happening (until you hear otherwise). i am NOT going out of business. […]

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i am slow.

or at least i feel like i am slow. in actuality, i am pulled in too many directions, so something is always left to the wayside. in this case it is my blog. i have had many people comment that i haven’t posted in a long time, and that would be right. my convoluted sense […]

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some photos of the first incarnation

here are some photos of my new studio. i am still unpacking boxes, and trying to get into the swing of things. today i painted a screen that i have been meaning to finish for the better part of a decade (i know) and my a-board sign. i had help from my painter friend brent […]

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recession hairpins

i have been spending quite a bit of time wrestling with myself lately over this idea of the economy, and my lack of place in it. this is nothing new. i have been flying under the radar forever; doing my own thing, not paying much attention, until lately when no one will allow me to […]

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