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A Cape for the Revolution.

On a whim, I decided that I needed a cape to go with my bandit mask.¬†Given the terrifying way the country is going, a girl must be prepared. I bought this kermit green wool a month or so ago thinking I would be making a skirt or a jumper. Let’s just say I am really […]

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Birthday Dress

Most years I make myself a New Year’s Eve dress; mainly as a consolation and armour for having to go out on an evening that everyone is out and staying home feels like a worse idea than being out. This year’s occasion is my 40th birthday, which seems to warrant a fancy dress more than […]

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As Long As I Am Sewing

It has been forever since I have written, but don’t think I haven’t thought about it. It gets harder and harder as the last post glides slowly into the past, and the guilt becomes more overwhelming. I make promises to myself that I will start, and post regularly, and plan ahead, and take photos.. I […]

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