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silk garters

Garters Are Back

If you’ve been following me on Instagram¬†you know that this is garter no. 1725 and the first garter I’ve made since October 2014. I suppose I thought I was done forever, but forever is a long time, and the giant box of ribbons that has lived under my bed for over the last decade has […]

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crying otter in a glittering gold crown

Same Old Same Old

These are interesting times. I don’t really like to discuss my personal life online AT ALL. Here will be no exception. Need to know basis. I’m secretive to a fault. Except for some things. I’ve been sharing my creative process with you for years. No trade secrets jealously guarded, because why bother? The internet allows […]

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vintage french trim

A Cape for the Revolution.

On a whim, I decided that I needed a cape to go with my bandit mask.¬†Given the terrifying way the country is going, a girl must be prepared. I bought this kermit green wool a month or so ago thinking I would be making a skirt or a jumper. Let’s just say I am really […]

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Up in the Air

January. There is something discomforting about the up-in-the-air-ness of January. I could say that this January is different due to decisions I made official in December, but that would be a lie. The fact of the matter is that January is a lot of pressure. We are expected to make promises to ourselves and the […]

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Hiatus, sabbatical, something; I need a break. I packed up my sewing machine, and put the boxes of half-finished corsets and garter belts in storage. I carefully labeled my in progress designs, and put them in envelopes with their notes, so I can tell where I ended my design process, and put them in the […]

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