playing with others

i usually use this space to write about my own creative process, but for a good portion of the last few weeks, i have been collaborating with fellow egg artist brent wear. this begun with his january collaboration show in the egg’s launchpad gallery and is continuing with my p:ear gallery show “object and embellishment” […]

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wedding bell blues

no, this is not a statement about my personal life. as we teeter on the edge of january, i get to try and predict what i can book myself out for the following year. i am working on my official look book and catalogue for the year, and i am trying to guess how much […]

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muddling through the holidays

i’ve always had mixed feelings about the holidays. having spent a good chunk of my life working in retail, with my immediate family working in retail as well, christmas was always a much needed day off in between the frenzy of catering to holiday shoppers. one year out of frustration for the impersonalness and obligation […]

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i hate artists’ statements

i really hate artists’ statements. it’s that essay test that i was never prepared to write. yes, in high school i stayed up too late reading the entire ‘east of eden’ the night before the test until i passed out in exhaustion, and i couldn’t tell the story in the book from my dreams about […]

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