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As Brent Wear and I are getting ready for our big holiday show (more on that soon), I couldn’t resist having some postcards made out of some of the collection of small pieces we are making. There is a corvid set and a burrowing owl set available while supplies last.  

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Up in the Air

January. There is something discomforting about the up-in-the-air-ness of January. I could say that this January is different due to decisions I made official in December, but that would be a lie. The fact of the matter is that January is a lot of pressure. We are expected to make promises to ourselves and the […]

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Hiatus, sabbatical, something; I need a break. I packed up my sewing machine, and put the boxes of half-finished corsets and garter belts in storage. I carefully labeled my in progress designs, and put them in envelopes with their notes, so I can tell where I ended my design process, and put them in the […]

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Spring Dress with Hearts Around the Hem

I exiled my sewing machine to the closet in mid-December intending to just take the holidays and January off from sewing. Before I knew it March was here, and my sewing machine was still put away. Of course what was meant to fill me with relief fills me with anxiety. Since moving my studio into […]

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