It seems odd to have my about still talking about fashion design when I am spending most of my time doing illustration. I started in 2013 drawing a bird a day to hone my drawing skills to possibly translate to textile designs. The project was supposed to last a year, but here I am years later, still drawing.

my mom and my bachan

I started sewing at age 3; taught by my mom and my great grandmother. My parents bought me a sewing machine when I graduated from university, because they couldn’t imagine me without one. A few years later in 1998, I started my company, piper ewan. I have gone in many directions, from custom bridal, to dance costumes, accessories and lingerie to corsets, but everything has one thing in common: a desire to turn heads. I love bright colours, luxury fabrics, tiny details, fabulous fit and personal style. I am still designing some one off pieces when the mood hits me.

My company is named after my intrepid cat shaped assistant, piper ewan.

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