Inktober 2017 Days 11 and 12

I get a little behind on my busiest days, so here is day 19 Death Metal Snail. It was well over a week ago my friend Shana suggested I draw a “fancy snail.” I was waiting on this ink to arrive. And this is what happens when I think about something for too long. 6 x 6 black and iridescent acrylic ink (just got the bottle last night, and now everything is going to have this on it) on paper. [SOLD]

Day 12 at around 11:30p my partner in art crime suggested “a pacific northwest tree frog riding in a teacup.” This is the image that came to mind. Not sure where this “ride” is going, but he seems to be having a good time, right? 6 x 6 black ink on paper.

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