Inktober 2017 Day 4 (and 5)

EDITED for an explanation of Day 5.Inktober 2017 days 4 and 5. I know, Inktober is a drawing a day, but I was so so pleased to finish this drawing on day 4 with just 20 minutes to spare, and I stuck it on the scanner, and posted it. Then I noticed so many spots that weren’t done. Most often I don’t do colour. My partner in crime does the colour in most of the artwork we collaborate on, and I usually stick to black and white with the occasional accent, but this drawing *needed* colour. What do I have aside from a few random fancy pens I use to address envelopes in script? I set of children’t fine point markers; several of which I used up on this drawing. In the light of day 5, I looked this over, and decided to really finish it. So I wandered to my local art supply, and bought the proper markers, and cleaned it up; along with adding the missing lines. So there you have it. Day 5. Want to purchase this? Go here.

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Day 4. Well, this went off the rails fast! This took most of the day, but I finished it! 8 x 8 ink on paper. and now that I’m looking at it, I see something I missed. Sigh. It will get fixed tomorrow.

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