I’ve Seen too Much Underwear Through Skirts or Wear a Slip

It isn’t me being prudish or slut-shaming. If you deliberately want the world to see your bright blue thong through your skirt when you are having lunch your dad, fine. But it should be a conscious choice. You are a modern woman, and you are free to do whatever you want. However, if you are unaware that when you leave your dark house without looking at your back in the mirror, and it’s really bright outside, well..

I want to advocate for slips. they used to be a staple of the women’s wardrobes; coming in many lengths, colours and fullnesses. Sometimes completely hidden, and there to add coverage for a less than opaque skirt or to keep a dress from clinging to your hosiery and riding or bunching when you are walking.  To add a bit of body, shape or fullness to a skirt (the purpose of underpinnings in general!). Or maybe a bit of lace, a ruffle or flounce to peek out for just a little more interest to an outfit. I would argue that they are even more necessary today now that so many clothes lack finishing or linings to cut costs. In a word, a slip makes you look put together.

black vintage slip with a pink velvet bow

Where do I get one? There are many vintage slips still floating around. You can find them at vintage, and thrift stores online and in person. You can find them in lingerie departments (though they tend to not be very exciting).

Or make your own. (or I can make one for you).

simple slip directions

lace detail

plain black slip

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One Response to I’ve Seen too Much Underwear Through Skirts or Wear a Slip

  1. Meg Prescott (@mathnerdknits) October 9, 2016 at 2:57 pm #

    Love this, and I could not agree more. Love freedom of expression through clothing, but a conscious choice needs to be made for that to happen.

    Thank you for this simple slip recipe. Will be making a few of my own to combat the dreaded static cling that will be here in the too near future.

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