Cold Hummingbirds and Procrastination

With only a few days left before my biggest show of the year, I woke up and looked out my kitchen window to see my hummingbird feeder was frozen solid. And just as I thought to myself, “oh well, I rarely get a visitor” a hummingbird arrives. OH NO! Never mind the giant pile of things that are still not done, this problem needed to be addressed immediately. Of course I had to drop everything, and thaw out the feeder. I also determined that the feeder needed some insulation to slow down the freezing, so of course I had to mine my yarn stash for some yarn to knit a hummingbird feeder cozy. Of course I chose red yarn, because hummingbirds like red best.

hummingbird feeder cozyEvery year I vow to get ready early, and write myself an impossible list that under even the best of circumstances I can only finish 20% of. I always come up with a brilliant new idea that I have to source materials for, design, test and make within the last week before the show. And finally, I will come up with ridiculous ways to procrastinate; all the while fretting over what I *should* be doing. And here you have it: a portrait of my life around the holidays. My friends tend to avoid me around this time. Unless they are doing shows themselves, in which case, most of them are doing their own version of this. Those pressing things that just have to be done, like knitting a hummingbird feeder cozy or [here is where I won’t call out my fellow crafter friends]..

hummingbird feeder cozyI know I live in Portland if I am knitting a cozy for my hummingbird feeder.

hummingbird visitorSee? MY morning’s work wasn’t done in vain. I had a steady stream of Anna’s hummingbirds visit throughout the day. They fought over it! And I did get back to making all the things for the afternoon and into the evening. The show is this weekend; 5 days to go. There is a countdown clock on their site: So it is back to work for me. Hopefully you won’t be hearing much from me this week. Hopefully I won’t find anything more pressing to do besides work on pretty things for the show.

You too can make a hummingbird feeder cozy:

You will need:

  • some leftover worsted weight yarn
  • size 8 dpns

Cast on 24 stitches. Knit 2 purl 2 rib for about 6″. Bind off. Easy peasy.


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